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Pozieres Memorial Park

War has defined Mankind more than anything else in our history, and  millions of lives have been shed when the strong have dominated the weak to  impart their will. 

The First World War inducted Australia into such a conflict, and we remember with pride and reverence, the challenges and successes of our military forces at Gallipoli and on the Somme battlefields.

Memorials  testify  to the sacrifices made by brave young Anzac's during this War, and while many lie in consecrated ground, many more are interred in the soil without a memorial or headstone to mark where they had fallen.

Today, the Village of Pozieres and the fields where the bloodiest battle of the war was fought, are green and peaceful.  If you walk upon this soil you will sense the history of its past, but you will find no official Australian memorial  to commemorate the 4000 Australian soldiers who lie there still. 

The Pozieres Remembrance Association Inc., a group of dedicated citizens, is raising funds through private donation and corporate sponsorship, to build a memorial park on the very  ground immortalised by Charles Bean as, "A site more densely sown with Australian sacrifice, than any other place on earth". It will stand to greet those who would walk the fields, paying homage to the soldiers at rest there. 

For further information or to make a donation to help build a lasting memorial to their memory, go to:

Pozières Memorial Park

The Fields of Pozières - A 48 Page CD Booklet
  • The Fields of Pozières - A 48 Page CD Booklet
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The ‘Fields of Pozieres’ CD booklet captures the essence of Australia’s bloodiest battle of the First World War. As a compilation of music, poetry, narrative and graphic images, it will draw your imagination to a time and place where Anzac soldiers fought and died defending our freedom and way of life.

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