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These compelling words bring us together in remembrance of those who laid down their lives or suffered in war. 
It matters not, the reason why mankind would sacrifice brave young men for a cause or an ideal, for the legacy of conflict and the loss of a loved one ensures no one really wins on the field of battle. 
All are equal in death, there is no distinction one from another as you stand before their final resting place. 
World War One, The War to End all Wars, didn’t live up to that promise…

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Anzac Day 2016 - Tasmania 

I received this response from Fred in Tasmania who requested the lyrics and chords for my song 'The Fields of Pozieres' to sing on Anzac day 1916.
A pleasure to hear it was so well received.

Damon, As i was saying ,The boys did a reading on The Battle of Pozieres and i followed them with your song . What a response . a crowd in their hundreds and they LOVED IT, I played acoustic guitar through a miked PA with the mist in the air at 6.10 in the morning and again at 11am .  LOVELY SONG.WELL DONE  DAMON. I was…

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I'm pleased to advise that 'The 'Fields of Pozieres' centennial tribute has been accepted by many RSL Sub - Branches through out South East Queensland.
As the centennial year of the bloodiest battle ever fought by Australian soldiers in our history, Pozieres will become the main focus of  2016 Anzac day services through out the nation.
Currumbin RSL on the Gold Coast will feature the song with film footage, on Chanel 7 nationally and the music will be featured quite extensively at RSL sub - branch services…Read more

2016 - A time to remember and reflect 

In November 2015, I visited the Somme where my kin fought and died during 1916. It brought home the reality of war as I walked the cemeteries where so many Australian soldiers lie buried. As I looked over the green fields, it somehow seemed far removed from the churned grey soil of the 2016 battlefields.
The scene is peaceful and quiet now, but the many headstones before me  is testament to the senseless loss of life that is the consequence of all wars.
It was a time to reflect and give thanks to those…Read more
The Fields of Pozières - A 48 Page CD Booklet
  • The Fields of Pozières - A 48 Page CD Booklet
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The ‘Fields of Pozieres’ CD booklet captures the essence of Australia’s bloodiest battle of the First World War. As a compilation of music, poetry, narrative and graphic images, it will draw your imagination to a time and place where Anzac soldiers fought and died defending our freedom and way of life.

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